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Emma Krantz
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other stuff i'm on as well as my usernames:
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Pixel Art Submission by akutskil0ver
Pixel Art Submission
something i did to try and get a position as a pixel artist for pokemmo
You dad is the guy who is supposed to be there for you; the first man in a young girl’s life, the man to set the standards for all boys that will soon come. A dad is the guy who cherishes his daughter; protecting her forever and never letting anything bad happen to her. He watches over her and keeps her safe, but is also there for when she does great.

“Look daddy! I drew you!” says a little 4 year old; so proud of her little stick figure drawing of her father and her. A dad is supposed to encourage her drawing, tell her its great, and go hang it on the fridge. He’s supposed to be both the angry grizzly and the soft teddy; whichever his daughter may need. As she acts up, he is to discipline; but without terrifying the girl. When she does well, he is to give her praise and enjoyment, all without forgetting about her siblings in the process. A dad is meant to always be there for his daughter, and never let go.

But a dad who looks at his daughters mistakes and looks at them to be so much more than her achievements, to ignore her texts and calls and make up an excuse 3 days later. To look down upon her and praise his other daughter so much more; just because she was born to a different mother. To try and buy his daughters love and forgiveness after almost an entire year without talking to her, for her therapist to talk to him and tell him how she needs him in her time of need and to check up even if she doesn’t call. For her dad to cast her out of family fun because she didn’t graduate, even though he was never there to try and help her with her failure. After she is raped and finally tells him, he turns around and tells everyone behind her back that she’s lying. After she starts hearing voices because of her terribly traumatic experience and she tries to call her father in the middle of a breakdown and he just yells at her and tells her not to bother him with her problems. A dad like that; is not a dad at all.

A girl needs her father just as much as she needs her mother, and for a man to leave and forget, is a man that forces the mother to take both roles. He is a man that is not worthy of the title of ‘dad.’


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so i just kinda need to vent right now.

so my dad went on vacation without me.... again. and the only reason this really bothers me is the last time i went on vacation with my family was back in 2010 when my dad took me to disney. now, if anybody knows anything about me its that i love harry potter. like; LOVE it. well he took my brother and my sister to universal studios and went to the harry potter theme park; that i have been wanting to go to ever since it opened. well it hurt, but it was whatever right?

well i commented on a photo he posted on facebook saying "i wish i could've gone." honestly, i feel thats a pretty innocent comment. i wasn't complaining, i wasn't being rude, i wasn't trying to make him feel bad, i simply said i wish i could have gone. and he comments back; "i wish you graduated highschool."

now, to further explain, my father never talks to me. and it has been almost 2 years now that i have been out of highschool. he has been ignoring me since i was a junior in highschool; so for 4 years, i barely got to talk to him except for at my sisters birth, any holidays, and anything that involved joey. it has increasingly been bothering me that he's shut me out; even more than before.

well this just threw me off the edge. i feel like my father has disowned me just because i didn't graduate. i have been so sad and upset that i feel like i don't even have a father. 
  • Mood: Neglect

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